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Product return policy


Product returns and changes are accepted every day of the week and within 15 days of the date of purchase. They must be accompanied by the receipt or invoice.

Items returned must be in their unused, original condition, as well as all product tags, which form the identity of the product. Otherwise, cannot be accepted as returned items.

If the return is made during a sales period, as price of the returned product is considered the selling discount price of the item in the day of return. In case you wish to replace a product purchased in a discount price by another also in discount, the price difference of the two products, will be paid in cash either by the client or by the store, according whether the new selected product is cheaper or more expensive.

If you wish to return an item during a discount period, that is purchased without discount, with another also without discount, (new collection item) then, the change will be made to the original, (before discount) prices of the two items.


GX Shoes has regular and stock stores. The regular GEOX stores are located either in markets or in shopping malls, namely Mediterranean Cosmos. The stock outlets sell items of the previous seasons, and are mainly found in discount malls, namely Designer Outlet Athens, One Salonica and Mega Outlet. Any information about the stores is provided at the website section 'Our Stores'. Product returns should be made on the following basis. Every item purchased from:

  • Regular stores can be returned in any regular store of GEOX, nationwide.
  • Outlet stores can be returned in any outlet store of GEOX, nationwide.
  • E-shop, can be changed via the online shop, and only stock products purchased from the e-shop can be changed to any Outlet store.


In case you identify a defect on a new product, you return it to the store with the proof of purchase, and all product tags that form the identity of the item, and you select another one. In case you are not satisfied by another product to replace the defective one, we refund to you the amount of money paid for the purchase.

In case you identify a defect on a product purchased (that belongs to the current season you are using it and not previous), which in your opinion is not due to normal wear and tear, you follow the following procedure.

Always with the proof of purchase, you report the problem to the staff of a GEOX store of your preference. When it comes to products purchased from stock outlets, you report the problem to any stock outlet of GEOX. In any case the staff will pursue the issue accordingly.

If the defect is considered normal wear from product use, this will be reported to you from the staff, at the same time you return the product. If this is some quality problem, the product will be sent to the company’s headquarters for quality control inspection. Once the quality control completed you will be informed from the store about the results.

If ultimately, the defect is due to normal wear and tear, you will be called to pick up your product.

If it is reported as a defected item, you can replace it with another product of your choice, or even refund to you the money paid for the purchase.

In any case, you can also contact directly the headquarters of the company at 00302310778444.

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